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For our company the values ​​with which it carries out its activities are important, and for this reason it has implemented an additional channel of communication to the already existing ones, of a confidential and anonymous character, so that any person who has information about a practice that constitutes an infraction To Law No. 20,393 or an internal fraud or conduct that departs from the ethical principles established in the Code of Ethics by persons of the Company, or by entities that maintain relations with it, reporting directly to the highest level of the Company. Business and can follow up of this. 

This Complaint Channel ("Línea Directa") is administered by an international company, Deloitte, a specialist in these matters, and the treatment of complaints received is managed by the "Crime Prevention Officer" of the Company. This position is performed by a person appointed by the Board of Directors, being responsible for maintaining at all times the confidentiality of the complaints received, including the protection of the identity of the person responsible. In addition, the Board has appointed an Ethics Committee to advise and instruct the Prevention Officer in the analysis of complaints received. 

We appreciate your commitment and cooperation to make our company a better organization every day.

This Denunciations Channel is a service provided by Deloitte and guarantees the anonymity of the denouncer.​

This Platform is not an emergency service or commercial service.

you are on a Deloitte Secure Site which ensures your confidentiality and anonymity.

Do not use this platform to make complaints that may represent a threat to the integrity of persons.