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SalfaCorp S.A is committed to the highest standards of Corporate Governance and manages its business with adherence to ethical and legal standards contained in the current legislation in Chile, particularly in the Companies Act and Securities Market Act.

In this sense is proud to develop their activities based on solid pillars values ​​and known by all our employees and those who interact with the company.

This is why we have decided to provide three channels of reports that enable to get information on any irregularities or illegal with the possibility of absolute anonymity and confidentiality of the information provided. To ensure this is that you have decided to use this platform managed offsite SalfaCorp with 24x7 availability. This is a safe place to ensure a channel of communication between the platform and the complainant can not be intercepted by third parties which is supported by an external company with international presence

Complaints will be received by the Corporate Controller SalfaCorp, reporting directly to the Board, reporting through this platform or the following two alternative ways:

                                                             PO Box 213, Parque Arauco office, Correos de Chile, Las Condes.


For more information, you can access the site directly and the Corporate Intranet.





(*) Ensuring your privacy, we inform you that is in a safe place for Deloitte.

This platform is not an emergency service.
Do not use this channel for complaints which may represent any immediate threat to the physical and psychological integrity, or property.