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Register your Complaint |  Follow-up Re​port​​                                                                                ​ English |  Español
Download instructions to register complaints                                                                                                                                

All of us who work at SAAM and its associated companies are responsible for what ou​r Company is and the role we play in the societies where we are present.

As a company, we are proud of our values, principles and ethical commitments, which define our way of relating and acting. 

For this reason, in order to maintain and protect the highest standards that we have proposed in terms of integrity and transparency in business, we make available to workers, executives or directors of the company; and also from third parties (clients, contractors, suppliers, and / or shareholders) this way of communication and report, our Whistleblower Channel, so that in a secure, confidential and anonymous way, they make their reports and / or complaints, report irregularities, 

infractions and / or transgressions to the internal rules of the respective company; or transgressions to any law or regulation in force in the country of operation; as well as the principles or values established in our Code of Ethics. 

We are convinced that acting with honesty, transparency, respect and responsibility will help us to be Better.​ 

We appreciate your commitment to the fulfillment of our principles and values.


Note: All complaints received will be analyzed independently, confidentially and without reprisals, respecting the anonymity of the complainant and with a secure investigation process, supervised by the Corporate Ethics Committee.

Guarding over his confidentiality, we him inform that he is in Deloitte's Sure Site.​                                                      Privacy ​


This Platform is not an emergency service. This platform does not use to realize denunciations that could represent some threat to the integrity of the persons.
This platform in not a service of Commercial Claims or Clients