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In order to maintain and protect the highest standards of ethics and integrity in relationships, business and all kinds of transactions, SAAM has implemented a channel which allows anonymous reporting, simple and safe conduct that could involve a violation of our values, laws, regulations and internal policies and ethical principles in general. The said channel is managed by a specialist in these matters, and cautioning ensuring absolute confidentiality of the information provided international external company. If you require more information, we suggest you refer to the link "Terms and Conditions" included below, before making the complaint.


In addition to this Whistleblower Channel, the Company has the following email to receive complaints directly:

We appreciate your responsibility, commitment and cooperation with the fulfillment of our principles and values.

This Platform is not an emergency service. This platform does not use to realize denunciations that could represent some threat to the integrity of the persons.
This platform in not a service of Commercial Claims or Clients. Guarding over his confidentiality, we him inform that he is in Deloitte's Sure Site.